The Merits of Polyamory

It’s not that I don’t agree with monogamy – I do, it really does work for some people and more power to them – but I also think it should be a choice, rather than the norm. Honestly, I think polyamory is a much better choice for a lot more people than currently embrace it.…… Continue reading The Merits of Polyamory

Weathering The Storm

Like most civic-minded people, I haven’t left my house in weeks. Occasional forays to the supermarket, to pick up bottles of water and to fetch locally-owned restaurant carry-out, are handled by my wonderful, and much younger husband, Donny. His immune system is in much better shape than mine. As a result, he’s become my Knight…… Continue reading Weathering The Storm

meanwhile, in the Id

Oh, ye gods, Rebecca, I’m feeling emotional. Verklempt, even. I’m feeling the urge to wave my hands around in front of my face, like a Desperate Housewife trying not to smudge her make-up. It’s a pearl-clutching affair. Almost hysterically diverting. I should let you know, right now, that I don’t care if you approve or…… Continue reading meanwhile, in the Id

Apocalypse Today

The title of this article sounds to me like a news program that only relates catastrophic stories, with a we’re-gonna-survive-this vibe. Yeah, I know, basically every “news” program on the air, right now. It’s hard to really know what the truth is anymore. As I said before, media coverage of this pandemic has all the…… Continue reading Apocalypse Today