6 reasons every indie filmmaker should have a facebook page

I don’t often reblog, because it’s rare that I read something I can agree with wholeheartedly. This is one of those times. Read on, McDuff!

Tomika Weston | Writer | Director | Filmmaker

On set of The AvenueBefore you go on and on about why Facebook sucks and how Zuckerberg sucks and yada, yada, yada let me explain why being a filmmaker and not having a Facebook page is secretly hurting you

1. Facebook audiences actually watch and share stuff – Although having your trailer go viral is a wonderful thing it’s very unlikely. So don’t count that as the ultimate way to get your trailer out there. Yea, you might get a few follows, a few retweets on twitter or instagram but there is nothing out there like Facebook right now. Having someone click that blue thumbs up button or share something that you posted is similar to them saying, “HEY EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE I REALLY LIKE THIS! AND I WANT EVERYONE EVERYWHERE TO LIKE IT TOO!!!!”

2. Your grandmother is on Facebook – look, I get it. Facebook technically stopped being cool once people outside of…

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