Getting to know me

I was recently asked to participate in an online interview for a website I frequent called Fix Your Writing Habits. It’s probably the most comprehensive interview I’ve done in a while, in that it touches on pretty much every aspect of my creative output over the last 30 years, while focusing on the big three: writing, marketing and filmmaking.

I’m honored to have been asked to participate and give humble thanks to Agent Colin Black for making it all seem painless.

  • Can you give us an outline of what you do?

That’s a loaded question, but I will try to be as brief as possible. I’ve taken to calling myself a “storyteller,” because it more accurately encompasses all of my various interests under one convenient label. I’ve been a wordsmith for over 30 years, with experience in writing, editing and publishing. Along the way, I have also indulged a variety of passions that always seem to dovetail with my writing, including theater, marketing, photography, graphic design and filmmaking.

I take each of them very seriously and, as such, have made a nice living in the arts. For example, I am a former publicist for Paramount Pictures and freelance publicist for all of the major studios and several independents. I parlayed much of that experience into marketing and public relations for theater and dance troupes, musicians, fine artists and non-profit arts organizations, to name but a few.

Get the rest of the story here: motivation for moving beyond your writing habits – Publish Your Stuff Interview: David Salcido on….


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