Gettin’ ‘er Done!

Editor’s note: I wrote this on Monday, August 22, but because of a lack of wifi, wasn’t able to upload it until today. Small price to pay. Now where was I? Oh, yes!

I have a confession to make. I am besotted with the Mimbres Valley of Southeastern New Mexico. Oh, we’d flirted before and I had found much to like in her verdant rolling hills, sparkling creeks and forested mountain trails, but this past weekend I entered the point of no return. I paid attention to her, I listened to her stories and I admired her ever-changing beauty. I immersed myself in what she has to offer and rediscovered a dusty and neglected part of my soul. Poetic drivel which has NOTHING to do with the image above, but bear with me…

This is the land of my ancestors – a savagely unforgiving land where red dirt, creosote, scrub pine and sage figure prominently. Where sunflowers abound in meadows and birdnados (it’s like a sharknado, only less stupid) spin lazily in wide-open skies. Where clouds build throughout the day to pile high like ephemeral castles in the air and nighttime skies are awash in mystery and starlight, when they can be seen at all. Where history is ever present and no matter where you go, somebody knows something about the area and is proud to fill you in.


We’ve been here before, but always with a project, or some sort of work in mind. Never time to hike, or play tourist, or just sit outside our temporary domicile at Georgetown Cabins with a glass of wine and watch the colors roll across the forested valley below. That is what this trip was all about. Getting to know this beautiful, wild, timeless country again. This time around, we explored her intimately and I am smitten. The best part is, she’s only two hours away, which means I can visit whenever I find the time.

Ah, but therein lies the rub. Finding the time. So much to do once we get back. We’ve got an anthology film to edit together and a series that has been on hiatus until we can get back to production on it. Both are pressing. I know, why worry about that now, when there are still one and half days left of vacation. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just starting to get a little antsy. It was bound to happen. I’ve never been very good at relaxing. The fact that it took four days to get to this point is very telling.


Sometimes the best way to get back in touch with one’s creative soul is to escape to a place where there is no wifi connection, dirt roads are commonplace and fine dining experiences include taxidermied animals gathering dust on walls and boots, leather chaps, old saddles and antlers are considered design choices. Refreshing doesn’t even come close to describing the experience.

Of course, that also means keeping up with hundreds of emails per day and admin duties on six different Facebook pages and three websites is virtually impossible. Small price to pay, I suppose. Still, I am somewhat chagrined that it has taken me so long to post an entry about the Lady Belladonna’s Night Shades shoot, on August 12th.

Not much I can say 10 days after the fact, except it was an exhausting, but very productive, 17-hour day and everybody involved was a trooper. We accomplished more in that one day than most independent productions can do in three. I attribute this to the professionalism and drive of our exceptional cast and crew, not to mention the accommodating spirit of our hosts at Nequim Studio. The excitement was palpable and never flagged, because we all knew we were creating something unique. I will never forget that feeling.

There’s so much more I could say, but I think I’d rather let the pictures do the talking. Most were taken by Johnny Tabor, our on-set photographer, but some were snapped by Donny while he waited his turn to be in front of the camera. The rest will have to be told, in time, via the behind-the-scenes featurettes, shot by Rob Dean and currently being edited together back in LC. More on those later.

What the well-dressed succubus is wearing this season.
Preparing for the shoot with script supervisor Susan Noe.
Costume supervisor Autumn Gieb.
Donny Prosise and Makeup designer Heather Deshea.
Confab with DP Kent Harkey and producer Troy Scoughton Jr.
Sound editor Jorge Villarreal.
Producer Troy Scoughton Sr. looks pensive.
Actor Jack Lutz waits his turn.
Troy Scoughton Jr. prepares a shot.
Donny Prosise and Tawnya Bass rehearse a scene.
Background extras Joyce, Lenny, John and Brianna prepare for their scene.
The Lady and her prey.
Getting the shot.
Mistress of her domain.
A happy crew: Troy Scoughton Sr., Kent Harkey, Jorge Villarreal, Troy Scoughton Jr., David Salcido, Susan Noe and Isaiah.
Cast and crew for Lady Belladonna’s Night Shades. Back: Troy Scoughton Sr., Lenny Higgens, Jack Lutz, Tawnya Bass, Donny Prosise, Heather Deshea, Joyce Vasquez, Kirk Scoughton, Autumn Gieb, Isaiah, Brianna Fitzgerald, Kelly Scoughton, Jorge Villarreal, Kenty Harkey, Susan Noe, Troy Scoughton Jr. Front on floor: Dov Kupfer, John Crowe, Sabine Green, David Salcido.
Queen Autumn takes her throne.

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