Art Of The Con

Everything moves slowly here in the Southwest. It’s one of the demons I battle on an almost daily basis. Having been born and bred right here in New Mexico, I’m very familiar with the “land of mañana” mentality. Being away for 25 years, however, eating dogs and swimming with sharks in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix, there are days when my impatience all but gets the better of me.

Which is just a long, drawn out way of saying, I would have made this post sooner, but I’ve been waiting for pictures taken over the weekend at the Las Cruces Comic Con. The downside of having somebody else take the pictures, rather than doing so myself. And that is why it is now Thursday and I am just getting around to talking about what turned out to be a very successful weekend for Borderlands Media.

The Borderlands Media booth at the Las Cruces Comic Con.


Even though we had nothing to sell and all we were really hawking was information to promote our films, including Lady Belladonna’s Night Shades, I do count it a success. We got a LOT of exposure and made some great contacts, many of them filmmakers I never expected to attend a comic con. Revelation, to be sure! If this initial weekend foray into the convention world leads to any real business prospects, it will have proven itself an invaluable lesson for us all. Plans are already underway to attend a few more conventions in other cities, in order to keep spreading the gospel of the dark lady.

Artist and creator of 68 Zombie, Jay Fotos with the dark lady and his creation Meat Grinder.


We also got the notice of the few real celebs attending this convention. Cosplaying models aside, there actually were a few worth noting, including Casper Van Dien and Seth Gilliam of Starship Troopers fame (Gilliam is also a cast member on The Walking Dead), both of whom stopped by our booth to take a picture with our Lady Belladonna. We also had photo ops on the Breaking Bad RV, with YouTube sweethearts the Harp Twins and with comic book artist Jay Fotos undead creations. Good stuff, from a marketing standpoint.

Film stars Casper Van Dien and Seth Gilliam popped by for a photo op.


So what’s next? Finalizing the edit on Lady Belladonna’s Night Shades, for starters. We have a cut that we’re all happy with and special effects are underway to spice things up a bit. This weekend, Donny and I will sit down in the studio and begin composing the incidental music to run in the background. I’ve got some pretty solid ideas about what I want to hear, so it will really just amount to his translating those ideas into actual sounds. He spent some time noodling on his synthesizer last night and I think we’re off to a nice start.

Editor Jorge Villarreal finalizes the edit of the film.


The plan is to have a finalized version by the end of the month, which will give us plenty of time to prepare for the red carpet premiere at the Rio Grande Theatre on Friday, October 21. Should be a very exciting night. We’ve got Project Mainstreet on board to help us make the evening special, with a red carpet, paparazzi, and food being sold to early attendees. After the premiere we’ll have a Q&A with the cast and crew, then move to the Main Street Bistro & Ale House, down the street for an after party. It’s gonna be EPIC!

One of these things is NOT like the others. A new Disney princess? Never!

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