The Final Frontier?

Movie time again, and this one is a doozy! A product of the Sundance Institute, The American Astronaut is basically Firefly, if it were directed by David Lynch after binge watching three days worth of science fiction and western serials from the 40s and 50s. In actuality, the sci-fi comedy western was written and directed by Cory McAhee of the cult band The Billy Nayer Show and is an hour and a half of balls-out absurd, and slightly kinky, fun.


The plot, in a nutshell, follows space trucker Samuel Curtis (McAhee) in his quest to deliver a handsome young breeding stud to the all-female planet Venus, with sinister birthday barfly and mass-murdering psychopath Professor Hess hot on his heels. It’s all intercut with some of the most surreal musical numbers ever committed to celluloid and fine turns by Tom Eldredge as the monologuist, Orange Is The New Black’s Annie Golden as Cloris, the Venusian chieftess, and Joshua Taylor as the Blueberry Pirate.


The Boy Who Actually Saw A Woman’s Breast (Gregory Russell Cook) is delivered to Venus by astronaut Samuel Curtis (Cory McHee). Yes, that’s really his name in the movie.

The premise might be Sci-Fi, but the sets are about as pedestrian as one can find anywhere along the backroads of America. Dingy bars, crappy restrooms, rundown theaters and a cramped bedroom that doubles as a cockpit, only add to the charm. Intercutting black and white still montages and paintings of space travel with cheap space suits and retro futuristic technology keeps the interplay active.


The Old Man (Tom Aldredge) sidles up to the Blueberry Pirate (Joshua Taylor) in the space bar.

Bizarre and creepy characters also abound, from the “punies” in the space barn and their unwholesome spawn, to the women of Venus straight out of the antebellum South. Then there’s Hess. His distasteful dance – kicking up ashes left behind by disintegrated miners – is one of the creepiest scenes this side of Eraserhead. Hess, it turns out, is the yang to Curtis’ ying, his arch-nemesis and fatal attractor.


Annie Golden is Cloris, Queen of the Venusians.

The American Astronaut is a bizarrely entertaining, low-budget independent offering that is more than worthy of cult status. Beautifully stark black and white cinematography and delightfully over-the-top performances, along with unhinged dialog and unabashedly twisted musical numbers unlike anything Busby Berkeley could have imagined make it one hell of a freaky ride. With songs like “Baby In The Jar” and “The Girl With The Vagina Made Of Glass” what can one expect? (Check out the song and dance number for “Hey Boy” below.)


The exuberantly creepy Professor Hess (Rocco Sisto) kicks up some dust.

Because it never found a distributor, The American Astronaut is one of those peculiar films that is very hard to find, yet has a large and very faithful following. Luckily for us, living as we do in the age of the internet, it can be found and easily streamed from Snag Films. Do yourself a favor and add this one to your film bucket list before it disappears into the absurdist musical comedy space western ether from which it sprang.

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