2017, The Year That Was

Well, here we are. Another year gone. Another wheezes to a start. I’m still sorting through the cobwebs and dead links that characterized the last one. Both literally and figuratively. No, it wasn’t supposed to happen that way, but I’m not one to cry over spilled Grande, Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha. Some years are better than others. And there are always high points. So, let’s concentrate on those.

First, however, I need to acknowledge the angry, silverback gorilla in the room. Yes, it’s true. In February of last year – just in time for my birthday – I was diagnosed with cancer. I spent the better part of the year coming to terms with that pronouncement and making friends and family understand that I would not undergo surgery or radiation treatments. It wasn’t easy, but such things seldom are. Still, I like to think I’ve come through it relatively unscathed. I mean, I’m not dead yet, right?

Basically things like stress, drama and following stupid rules have become less important in the grand scheme of things. When your life becomes focused on streamlining – diet, work schedules, relationships and letting go of those things that make you crazy even when they don’t really matter – you begin to realize just how important it is to “do your own thing” from time to time. I’m a free-range imagineer and by the legendary testicles of Tanuki, I’m going to start acting like one. I’m making lemonade bitches!

The best way to do that is to look back on the good things 2017 brought with it, in pictures, words and clips. Yes, there were a few… I just hope I can remember them all…

In January, Donny and I decided to take the plunge and deliver what we had been promising our depraved and easily titillated friends for years: a series of arguably artful nudes called Naked Sunday. What started off as a lark to see how far we could push the envelope on Facebook, became a full-fledged exercise in body acceptance, especially when we were flagged by Facebook for being too racy. I still think they got their panties in a wad over nothing, but you can check the photos out at my website and decide for yourself: https://www.davidsalcido.com/gallery.


In March, I celebrated the third year in a row of being part of the LCCT One Act Play Festival. This year’s entry was Out Of Time, another short film script I reworked for the stage. It will be my last dispatch for a while, unless the muse bitch slaps me into submission. It could happen. If I’ve learned anything this past year, it’s never say never…


Also, this happened…


In June, frequent collaborator Kent Harkey and I wrote a short script about a journalist who goes head to head with a mobster over the power of truth. Titled Fall Guy, we shot it entirely against a green screen at PRC Productions later that month, then put it in the hands of VFX Supervisor Carlos Tejeda to bring the backgrounds to life. It is currently making the rounds of film festivals. We’ll see what 2018 has in store for this little experiment…

Also in June, PRC Productions has its ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate our move to Arrowhead Park two months earlier. New offices, an editing bay, a brand new green screen and lots of elbow room. It also meant a slew of publicity, which helped raise our profile immensely.

In July, we went back to the green screen to shoot Carlos’ adult spoof of children’s television programming, The Politically Correct World Of Mr. George. One of the wildest projects we’ve worked on, it is now making the rounds as a proof of concept in the hopes of being picked up as an ongoing series. Fingers crossed!

In late September, the boys and I at PRC Productions came up with a plan to create a micro-series of horror shorts, all interconnected and all under one minute long, which we would then post on successive Tuesdays leading up to Halloween. The result was Terror Tuesday and I’m quite proud of it. So much so that I compiled them all together into one five minute compilation. Enjoy!

Later in October, Borderlands Media hosted a movie night at the Rio Grande Theatre, featuring two long shorts by local filmmakers Autumn Gieb and David Noble, which we dubbed a Grindhouse Double Feature. We had a pretty good turnout for a Tuesday night and I finally got to see Autumn’s Nunja – which I edited – up on the big screen.

In early November, Donny and I were asked to take part in the annual Taboo Gallery Of The Forbidden show, by exhibiting some of our Naked Sunday pics. It was very exciting to be able to display the images in a public venue and the comments we got were all very positive. Again, who knew?


Later that month, I was asked to play the villain in a “fake trailer” assignment for one of the boys, Jorge Villarreal, who was finishing up his last semester as a film student. The result was Charlie Blade At The End Of The World, with yours truly appearing as the evil senator attempting to take over the world, with the help of a machine-gun wielding Teddy plushie. Yep.


And that’s not counting the three trips to Phoenix (reacquainting with family, friends and lovers), a trip to Denver (it’s all a smoky blur…), a trip to Meow Wolf (Incredible!), a tubing trip down the Rio Grande (had to do it at least once), a couple of visits from my son Gideon (never long enough) and several newspaper and radio interviews for Lady Belladonna’s Night Shades. All in all, a pretty great year, all things considered.

So, what do I wish for 2018? I often look to my favorite authors for words of inspiration and wisdom: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oscar Wilde, Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman, among them. Today it’s the latter who speaks directly to me with his latest post for the new year. I’m going to pass part of it along because it goes so well with a nice, cold glass of lemonade.

“Try to make your time matter: minutes and hours and days and weeks can blow away like dead leaves, with nothing to show but time you spent not quite ever doing things, or time you spent waiting to begin.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Happy New Year, possums.

2 thoughts on “2017, The Year That Was

  1. I hadn’t realized that all of that was this last year. You’ve been a busy and very productive guy. And the quote resonates long and loud with me.

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