High Anxiety

Trepidation. It’s a funny little word, because it sounds just like what it is. To experience trepidation, one must be very agitated and a little fearful of what may happen. Anybody who has spent any time at all on the stage knows this feeling. We call it flop sweat.

Check, check and check. I am experiencing trepidation about tonight’s premiere of Lady Belladonna’s Tales From The Inferno at the FilmBar in Phoenix. Advanced ticket sales have been indolent. Practically comatose. Not even enough to break even on this deal. Will anybody show up? Gods I hope so. It won’t be from a lack of trying on my part.

The Lady requests the pleasure of your company.

I have sent out press releases and media kits to every news media outlet in the metropolitan area, I have used social media to the extent of my abilities and I have tried to contact every media person I know to help spread the word. Even so, I fear it may not have been enough. We didn’t even get one single line of type in a calendar section. That blows.

One of the very reasons I wanted to do a premiere in Phoenix was because I felt I still had a lot of contacts who might take the bait. For old time’s sake, if nothing else. Hoo boy, was I mistaken. I guess ten years is just a little too long to be out of the limelight. I’m old news. Relegated to the bin of nobody-gives-a-shit. Once again, their loss.

So, yeah, here I am again in the maw of Mordor. This time, however, no harpoon dildos or anal probes of any kind. That in and of itself makes it a much more pleasant trip. Later in the week, I’ve got birthdays to celebrate. This is me trying to see the glass as half full. I’ll be very glad when tonight is over. Or, at least, underway.

The waiting, as Tom Petty once said, is the hardest part.

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