Murder, Mayhem and Movies

A year ago, the boys and I at PRC Productions came up with a fun little project to celebrate the season. And it didn’t involve toilet paper or shaving cream!* Things were a lot less hectic at the office, then. This year we’ve produced two feature length films – Lady Belladonna’s Tales From The Inferno and Radio Silence – and are currently in the process of shooting another.

Last year, we had the time, so Kent, Carlos, Jorge and I put our heads together and came up with an idea to shoot four vignettes, each under 1 minute long and all loosely connected. It was an experiment, of sorts, in creating narrative content for Instagram. Don’t ask me why we were so concerned about catering to Instagram, I can’t remember.** That was a year ago.

Eric Brekke and Donny Prosise lent their acting talents to the project.

All I know is we had shot a handful of short films, spec commercials, television episodes and trailers, so we wanted to do something different. Something we had not done before. Porn was out of the question, for whatever reason, and we weren’t quite ready to take on snuff cinema, so we brainstormed. From that mental maelstrom Terror Tuesdays was born.

The plan was to release one each Tuesday leading up to Halloween. I wrote the scripts and directed two of the episodes. Carlos directed the other two and did make-up and visual effects. Kent was DP, Troy was camera op and Jorge did the sound design. We gathered together a few actors, including an 8-year-old boy*** and a hand model****, and before you could say “Bob was your uncle, he’s now your aunt,” we had a project.

Troy, Kent and I on the set, watching dailies and obviously enjoying the process.

It was shot over two days, October 4th and 5th, quickly edited and the first episode was released on October 10th. Crazy, huh? Each release went off without a hitch and, from all accounts, it was very well received. With several thousand hits, it was considered a small success even by YouTube standards***** and was later edited together for release as a package.

I’m still very proud of that little project, so I’ve decided to share it here in order to, once again, celebrate my favorite time of the year. Not with wassail and good cheer, but with murder and mayhem. Enjoy!

Terror Tuesday: A Microseries In Four Acts from David Salcido on Vimeo.


* Sorry, that was really obscure. Showing my age, I guess…

** And it probably had something to do with trends or clicks or whatever it is the kids are spouting these days.

*** Eric’s son Thomas, who I can only assume we scarred for life considering the distance his dad has put between us since then. Oops.

**** Shayne is going to kill me for referring to him thus. Why do I find that so funny?

***** Though it never went viral, sadly. My Facebook friends are lame…

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