One Flu Over The Goblin’s Nest

You know what’s worse than having cancer? No, not the treatments, but that was a really good guess.

No, what’s worse is having the flu on top of it – and not just any old flu, but Influenza A, the one that everybody warns us about. Which not only makes me feel like crap, it makes me a vector of contagion. Nobody likes to be that guy.

How can something so pretty be so obnoxious?

And why do I have the flu? Because the treatments I’ve undergone to deal with the gut goblin roosting in my mojo maker have weakened my immune system enough to make me highly susceptible to viral infection. Oh, but it gets better.

So, now I’m not only on hormone suppressants, but I’m also taking heavy duty steroids. Which means, despite the fact that I’m living on rice and chicken broth, I’m ballooning up faster than Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory – sans the blue hue, thankfully.

Y’know, come to think on it, that earlier guess may have been more on target than I realized… #thestruggleisreal #realannoying #fuckcancer #flusucks

“So, you DO think this dress makes me look fat…”

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