Making Movies, Then As Now

A little something from the archives, because somebody asked me if I knew anything about a Jackie Cooper film that had been shot in Mesilla, back in the 60s. Yes, I do. Even wrote a story about it.

Ground Zero

Because I’m something of a history buff when it comes to Southern New Mexico, as well as an advocate for filmmaking in the area, I often stumble upon fascinating tidbits of information that combine the two interests. One of the perks of my profession, which often finds me sitting in airless rooms, while sifting through boxes of dusty files and photos in search of such treasures. It may be a digital world, but some information can only be retrieved the old-fashioned way.

A while back, while on just such a scavenger hunt, I came into the possession of a set of pictures that actually caused me to suck all of the air out of the room. Well, what there was of it to begin with. The photos were documentation of an event that, up until that moment, had only been spoken of in passing, like one would the sighting of…

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