meanwhile, in the Id

Oh, ye gods, Rebecca, I’m feeling emotional. Verklempt, even. I’m feeling the urge to wave my hands around in front of my face, like a Desperate Housewife trying not to smudge her make-up. It’s a pearl-clutching affair. Almost hysterically diverting. I should let you know, right now, that I don’t care if you approve or not. I have to be ME!

It’s like this: After being denied access to my Creative Cloud account 8 months ago, I finally have my babies back! Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Character Animator, et al… my beautiful, beautiful babies are coming home to roost. I didn’t realize how much I missed you, until I clicked that button and you came flowing back into my bloodstream. It was a groin high, for sure.

Then realization struck. Brain cells started popping and images began flashing before my eyes, willy nilly. Suddenly I remembered! I remembered everything! Every sordid detail of self-denial and -subjugation. Like a junkie jonesing for a fix, I have been in creative limbo and I didn’t even know it! Bloody Ego! And where the hell were you, Super Ego? Who left that bloody cage open? I want answers!!!

NO! I must not give in to the emotions. What’s done is done and, for me at least, the drought is over. My babies are back and the juices are flowing. Practically dripping. That’s all that matters. So many projects that have been on hold for EIGHT FREAKIN’ MONTHS. I don’t know where to start, but I’m game to plunge in headfirst and see where that action takes me. Even better, I’ve got all the time I need!

Oh, man… this social-distancing thing is going to be a breeeeeeeeze!

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