Who I am


A life-long cinephile, David Salcido has worked in and around the film industry pretty much his entire adult life. From movie reviews and articles in dozens of industry publications — including Entertainment Weekly, Movieline, Pop Smear and Video Business — to over 15 years as a spin doctor in the employ of such notable organizations as Paramount Pictures, Full Moon Entertainment and Lionsgate Entertainment, he’s turned his affection into a full-time pursuit. Now owner/operator of the public relations venture Unbridled Media, proprietor of his own film company Muffin Mix Productions and a full-time partner with distribution team Borderlands Media, he continues to follow his passions writing and directing short and feature-length films, then passing them off as entertainment. He is, in other words, living the dream.

Find out more at http://www.DavidSalcido.com.


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