Interview With A Vampire Hunter

The call came quite unexpectedly. I was working late and deadlines were looming. Little did I know that fate was about to give me a jingle. The voice on the other end of the telephone line intrigued me with an impossible claim. I hurriedly set up a meeting and rushed out to get my story:…… Continue reading Interview With A Vampire Hunter

Bringing The Message Home

Las Cruces has its fair share of hometown heroes, musically speaking. Few, however, have the longevity and continued success of Latin powerhouse Nosotros. Having just taken home their eighth New Mexico Music Award, the band that had its humble beginnings as what founder Randy Sanchez terms “a four piece acoustic project in Las Cruces” will…… Continue reading Bringing The Message Home

Making The Scene

It has long been maintained that the talent pool in southern New Mexico is deep, strong and, for the most part, virtually untapped outside our market. One organization in particular has been taking notice for years and honoring the musical artists in our midst. This year, they are honoring eight local artists with nominations for…… Continue reading Making The Scene

Working Man

How does one become successful in the film industry? It’s a loaded question, and one asked regularly here in southern New Mexico, where the industry is really just in its infancy. Ask the experts – and by that I mean anybody who has achieved some level of success – and you’re likely to get a…… Continue reading Working Man

Better Living Through Travel

Sometimes the best way to replenish one’s mental health reserves is to get away from it all for a while – discover new sites and reconnect with the inner you. To put this notion into motion the Center for Spiritual Living, 575 N. Main St., is sponsoring a one-of-a-kind “Spiritual Journey” to the sky city…… Continue reading Better Living Through Travel

Where Buffalo Roam

It’s a dazzling southwestern day in March. High in the impossibly blue sky arching over a desert awash in the colors of spring, a hawk spins lazily on an updraft. One almost expects Clint Eastwood to ride in off the range, seeking vengeance or, at the very least, a place to hole up for the…… Continue reading Where Buffalo Roam