Art Of Giving Back

They say home is where the heart is, but what of those who have no homes? This is a question encountered every day at Mesilla Valley Community of Hope, 999 W. Amador Ave, and its tent city annex, Camp Hope. It’s also an ever-present specter in the minds of caring individuals within the community at…… Continue reading Art Of Giving Back

Filming Outside The Box

How does one follow up an award-winning, critically acclaimed, film festival darling like 2009’s Becoming Eduardo? If you’re the writer and director of that film, living on a ranch outside of Hillsboro and commuting to your job as a professor at New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute, you do what you do best. You…… Continue reading Filming Outside The Box

Raising the Bard

In 2005, New York actor Denis O’Hare (probably best known for his role as King Russell Edgington on the hit HBO series True Blood) began an unlikely collaboration with fellow thespian Lisa Peterson who, up until that point, had been his director in a handful of successful, low key theatrical productions. The result was a…… Continue reading Raising the Bard

Question of Identity

Identity. It’s an issue we all struggle with at one point or another; sometimes for our entire lives. Who we are and how we are perceived by others becomes a very important element in our day-to-day social interactions. It can color our world view. And, in some extreme cases, it can even affect future generations.…… Continue reading Question of Identity

Attention to the Past

History has a way of getting away from us. As a society, we tend to get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget anything came before us and dispose of anything that we no longer find useful. Mesilla Valley Preservation, Inc., an organization dedicated to preserving the architectural legacy of southern New…… Continue reading Attention to the Past

A Taste Of History

It’s already a well-known fact in these parts that Las Cruces has some of the best Mexican food restaurants on the planet. Maybe it’s the proximity to both the international border and Hatch, the “chile capitol of the world,” but the secret is slowly seeping out and the rest of the country is finally catching…… Continue reading A Taste Of History

Film Frenzy

What are the moments that make an event memorable? It really all depends on the part one plays in the proceedings. This year’s White Sands International Film Festival will prove memorable to many in the local filmmaking industry, because it marks the first year that the festival has included a 48-hour film competition to kick…… Continue reading Film Frenzy