meanwhile, in the Id

Oh, ye gods, Rebecca, I’m feeling emotional. Verklempt, even. I’m feeling the urge to wave my hands around in front of my face, like a Desperate Housewife trying not to smudge her make-up. It’s a pearl-clutching affair. Almost hysterically diverting. I should let you know, right now, that I don’t care if you approve or…… Continue reading meanwhile, in the Id

Apocalypse Today

The title of this article sounds to me like a news program that only relates catastrophic stories, with a we’re-gonna-survive-this vibe. Yeah, I know, basically every “news” program on the air, right now. It’s hard to really know what the truth is anymore. As I said before, media coverage of this pandemic has all the…… Continue reading Apocalypse Today

When Tragedy Is The Nature Of The Beast

These days, I find myself with a lot of time to think. That’s almost a treasonous statement in today’s political spectrum. Thinking is something people used to do before technology made it unnecessary and distrust of the media made it anathema. I don’t care. I like thinking. It reminds me I’m still alive and have…… Continue reading When Tragedy Is The Nature Of The Beast

With A Bit Of A Mind Flip…

Sometimes I feel like one of those time travelling eggheads in old time-travel movies – you know the ones, dashing and forthright and very, very smart, but not smart enough to understand their own human frailties. “Good heavens!” they are often heard to say, “That newspaper indicates this is the year 2020! It’s the FUTURE!”…… Continue reading With A Bit Of A Mind Flip…

Back To The Viper’s Nest or How To Make The Best of Perverse Irony

Today begins another great adventure. I use the term loosely, of course. There is nothing great about scheduling a grueling round of radiation treatments at the Mayo Clinic. I am, however, using the word as an adjective, not an adverb. Any adventure that has the potential to be life changing, has a greatness all its…… Continue reading Back To The Viper’s Nest or How To Make The Best of Perverse Irony