On Location

Okay, I admit it. I’ve gone native. It happens when you immerse yourself in a culture you find both fascinating and accessible. I imagine it’s a bit like what Dian Fossey went through up in the mountains of Rwanda. Or maybe that’s a bad example. Filmmakers aren’t usually gorillas (though sometimes they use guerilla tactics)…… Continue reading On Location

Why Las Cruces?

The question was asked again, recently. “Why Las Cruces, Dave? You could have moved anywhere, why did you choose Las Cruces?” It’s a long story. To begin with, I’ve had a love affair with the state of my birth since I was old enough to understand the implications of being born where I was. New…… Continue reading Why Las Cruces?

The number you have reached…

It was a small, but appreciative crowd on opening night of Dead Man’s Cell Phone, the latest entry by playwright Sarah Ruhl making its debut via No Strings Theatre Company at the Black Box Theatre April 12. Did they get what they came for? Depends. As Ceil Herman writes in the director’s notes of the…… Continue reading The number you have reached…

Harmonic Healing

Multi-instrumentalist Randy Granger delivers a triumphant tribute to loss and recovery with Strong Medicine It’s been a long two years for musician Randy Granger. In the first year, he watched as his partner of ten years, poet Wayne Crawford, slowly returned to the spirit world, leaving him with responsibilities of estate closure and a grueling…… Continue reading Harmonic Healing