Shooting through the Summer

Being a filmmaker means never having to say “I’m bored.” Even during the summer, when most people are planning family vacations, kicking back by a pool with a book or staking out territory in the nearest air-conditioned cineplex, most filmmakers are hard at work planning their next project and bringing their visions to life. One…… Continue reading Shooting through the Summer

Where Buffalo Roam

It’s a dazzling southwestern day in March. High in the impossibly blue sky arching over a desert awash in the colors of spring, a hawk spins lazily on an updraft. One almost expects Clint Eastwood to ride in off the range, seeking vengeance or, at the very least, a place to hole up for the…… Continue reading Where Buffalo Roam

Celluloid Dreams

It would appear, if one were to believe the media hype coming out of Santa Fe not three months ago, that the film industry in New Mexico was on life support. Now comes news that everything is looking up again, with more films scheduled to shoot in New Mexico now than did so in all…… Continue reading Celluloid Dreams