Film Frenzy

What are the moments that make an event memorable? It really all depends on the part one plays in the proceedings. This year’s White Sands International Film Festival will prove memorable to many in the local filmmaking industry, because it marks the first year that the festival has included a 48-hour film competition to kick…… Continue reading Film Frenzy

What’s In A Process?

How does one go about explaining a process? I find myself wondering this more and more, these days. Mainly because people keep asking me what my plans are for this “proposed series” that is slowly taking shape, both in my head and on the page. I refer, of course, to the short films that are…… Continue reading What’s In A Process?

Celluloid Dreams

It would appear, if one were to believe the media hype coming out of Santa Fe not three months ago, that the film industry in New Mexico was on life support. Now comes news that everything is looking up again, with more films scheduled to shoot in New Mexico now than did so in all…… Continue reading Celluloid Dreams

Making Noise

On Monday, May 6, the Mesilla Valley Musician’s Guild held their monthly “jam session” at Hurricane Alley. Once again, I was blown away by the level of talent and professionalism to be found in our little southwestern city. It was my first time at one of these events, because I and the LC52 boys had…… Continue reading Making Noise