Curtain Rises On A New Era

The Las Cruces Community Theatre (LCCT) began its first capital campaign fundraiser on Monday, Sept. 15, during an informal ceremony held at the historic State Theater, 313 N. Main St., which has been the organization’s home since 1977. “For those who are not aware, this building does not belong to the community theater,” said LCCT…… Continue reading Curtain Rises On A New Era

Shooting through the Summer

Being a filmmaker means never having to say “I’m bored.” Even during the summer, when most people are planning family vacations, kicking back by a pool with a book or staking out territory in the nearest air-conditioned cineplex, most filmmakers are hard at work planning their next project and bringing their visions to life. One…… Continue reading Shooting through the Summer

Filming Outside The Box

How does one follow up an award-winning, critically acclaimed, film festival darling like 2009’s Becoming Eduardo? If you’re the writer and director of that film, living on a ranch outside of Hillsboro and commuting to your job as a professor at New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute, you do what you do best. You…… Continue reading Filming Outside The Box

History Lesson

Both playwright Tom Smith and Director Mark Medoff have spoken at length about the themes that make up the former’s latest offering, Aunt Raini, currently being presented by American Southwest Theatre Company and performed at the New Mexico State University Center for the Arts. Art as political statement and the question of identity are key…… Continue reading History Lesson

Question of Identity

Identity. It’s an issue we all struggle with at one point or another; sometimes for our entire lives. Who we are and how we are perceived by others becomes a very important element in our day-to-day social interactions. It can color our world view. And, in some extreme cases, it can even affect future generations.…… Continue reading Question of Identity