Making Movies, Then As Now

Because I’m something of a history buff when it comes to Southern New Mexico, as well as an advocate for filmmaking in the area, I often stumble upon fascinating tidbits of information that combine the two interests. One of the perks of my profession, which often finds me sitting in airless rooms, while sifting through…… Continue reading Making Movies, Then As Now

After Life Party

One of the more enduring traditions within Mexican culture is Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Dating back centuries, the celebration is often misunderstood, despite its enduring simplicity as a holiday for remembering ancestors, family members, friends and even pets who have passed on. The holiday is celebrated both privately and publicly…… Continue reading After Life Party

A Taste Of History

It’s already a well-known fact in these parts that Las Cruces has some of the best Mexican food restaurants on the planet. Maybe it’s the proximity to both the international border and Hatch, the “chile capitol of the world,” but the secret is slowly seeping out and the rest of the country is finally catching…… Continue reading A Taste Of History