A Dickens of a Dud

There is something altogether fascinating about the Victorian era. It has come to be known as a time of refined sensibilities, straitlaced moralism and restrained romanticism as depicted in the works of William Makepeace Thackeray, Anthony Trollope and the Bronte sisters. Ladies and gentlemen did not “go to bed,” during the 19th century, as that…… Continue reading A Dickens of a Dud

The Power of Nine

Some of the best things in life are limited. The unparalleled joy and excitement of being offered a dream job. The fully realized taste of extravagance in an ongoing buffet of austerity. The gloriously shocking smell of rain after a long and persistent drought. That giddy, stomach dropping, never-to-be-repeated-in-quite-the-same-way sensation one gets with the realization…… Continue reading The Power of Nine

Where Buffalo Roam

It’s a dazzling southwestern day in March. High in the impossibly blue sky arching over a desert awash in the colors of spring, a hawk spins lazily on an updraft. One almost expects Clint Eastwood to ride in off the range, seeking vengeance or, at the very least, a place to hole up for the…… Continue reading Where Buffalo Roam

Shellfish Game

According to the latest statistics, shrimp is the most popular seafood import in the United States. A whopping 4.2 pounds of the briny crustaceans were consumed, per person, in 2011 alone. Even more surprising, the majority of the shrimp consumed in the United States comes from Asia and Latin America. It may surprise you to…… Continue reading Shellfish Game