Why Live Theatre?

It’s an exciting time here in the downtown Las Cruces theater “district.” Even as we roll into the third and final weekend of performances for Harold Pinter’s The Hothouse, at the Black Box Theatre, we are in preparations for the One Act Play Festival, which will be presented at the same time down the street…… Continue reading Why Live Theatre?

Raising the Bard

In 2005, New York actor Denis O’Hare (probably best known for his role as King Russell Edgington on the hit HBO series True Blood) began an unlikely collaboration with fellow thespian Lisa Peterson who, up until that point, had been his director in a handful of successful, low key theatrical productions. The result was a…… Continue reading Raising the Bard

Welcome to the Dollhouse

The re-envisioning of classic works has long been a popular pastime, particularly in the world of theatre. It isn’t every day, however, that one gets the chance to encounter an adaptation of an internationally acclaimed “masterpiece” by a famed international filmmaker. That is exactly what is in store for those who catch No Strings Theatre…… Continue reading Welcome to the Dollhouse

The number you have reached…

It was a small, but appreciative crowd on opening night of Dead Man’s Cell Phone, the latest entry by playwright Sarah Ruhl making its debut via No Strings Theatre Company at the Black Box Theatre April 12. Did they get what they came for? Depends. As Ceil Herman writes in the director’s notes of the…… Continue reading The number you have reached…