The Sacred And The Profane

I’ve seen a few plays this season, staged at the venerable, time-honored locations, but none have had the visceral punch that The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot, staged by the little troupe that could, Dona Ana Repertory Theater, leveled at its audience last night. A well-deserved standing ovation capped what had to be the most…… Continue reading The Sacred And The Profane

April Showers

I don’t believe in glory days. Or, rather, I don’t believe in the recognized usage of the term. Over time, it has become my belief that every day has the potential to be a glory day. Sure, some days are better than others, but for the most part, 16 hours is plenty of time to…… Continue reading April Showers

A Passion That Soars

There is something momentous and magical taking place in southern New Mexico’s theater community: a growing sensibility that professionalism and uncommon stagecraft is not out of reach. Las Cruces may not have the deep pockets and wide community appeal of other metropolitan regions, but it does have an enormously capable pool of talent to draw…… Continue reading A Passion That Soars

Hard Sell Merchant

A lot has been written about William Shakespeare’s most disputatious play, The Merchant of Venice, with its themes of profiteering, greed, questionable agendas and religious persecution casting deep shadows on the conduct of its characters. Here is a play in which the main characters formulate a plan to bilk a young heiress out of her…… Continue reading Hard Sell Merchant

Why Live Theatre?

It’s an exciting time here in the downtown Las Cruces theater “district.” Even as we roll into the third and final weekend of performances for Harold Pinter’s The Hothouse, at the Black Box Theatre, we are in preparations for the One Act Play Festival, which will be presented at the same time down the street…… Continue reading Why Live Theatre?

A Dickens of a Dud

There is something altogether fascinating about the Victorian era. It has come to be known as a time of refined sensibilities, straitlaced moralism and restrained romanticism as depicted in the works of William Makepeace Thackeray, Anthony Trollope and the Bronte sisters. Ladies and gentlemen did not “go to bed,” during the 19th century, as that…… Continue reading A Dickens of a Dud

Curtain Rises On A New Era

The Las Cruces Community Theatre (LCCT) began its first capital campaign fundraiser on Monday, Sept. 15, during an informal ceremony held at the historic State Theater, 313 N. Main St., which has been the organization’s home since 1977. “For those who are not aware, this building does not belong to the community theater,” said LCCT…… Continue reading Curtain Rises On A New Era

The Power of Nine

Some of the best things in life are limited. The unparalleled joy and excitement of being offered a dream job. The fully realized taste of extravagance in an ongoing buffet of austerity. The gloriously shocking smell of rain after a long and persistent drought. That giddy, stomach dropping, never-to-be-repeated-in-quite-the-same-way sensation one gets with the realization…… Continue reading The Power of Nine