The Difference A Year Can Make

This Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the day my husband and I finally made it official. It’s all documented here, if you’re interested. So, yeah, it’s been one year. And what an ungodly year it was, too. But it’s over and here we are on the other side of it – a bit shell-shocked and nursing wounds, perhaps, but still in an upright position and fogging the occasional mirror. We made it!


Now, I know one year isn’t really a big deal in marriage terms. I’ve been down this road before. I also know plenty of people who have surpassed the 30-year mark, and in some cases are close to doubling that number, but we’re not talking about deranged people, here. Considering the ten years my husband and I were together before we signed our names on the Faustian line – and what we’ve been through together during that time, not to mention everything that has taken place in the ensuing year – this one year anniversary is a very big deal.

To commemorate our union, just in time for this most auspicious of anniversaries (and because I’m a bit of a slacker sometimes…), I sat my Lupron-injected ass down and edited together all of the footage and photos from that event into one happy little video. I uploaded it to YouTube, but made it an unlisted address, so that it wouldn’t show up randomly in the feeds of people who could not give a flying frog fart less about my life. Since you’re here, you apparently do give something resembling a fff, so I’m including it here.

You know, if you want to watch it. Or something. Carry on…

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