Flower Pressure

Mayzie had a flower growing out of the top of her head, it’s true, but that’s where the truth ends. Despite what the good rhyming doctor would have us believe, she was actually seen as an outcast and a freak. She was ridiculed and terrorized from the day the thing sprouted from her crown, while sitting in class during her third year in grade school.

By the time she hit high school, she was already smoking six joints a day, drinking everclear from a Scooby Doo thermos and carving hate slogans into her body with an exacto knife. It all ended her junior year. Jimmy Dugan, who had both loved and loathed her since second grade, yanked the flower from her head on a dare. She died three days later from complications due to a brain hemorrhage.

Nobody attended her funeral, but Jimmy Dugan still has the flower, pressed between the pages 17 and 18 of The Anarchist Cookbook. It fucks him up that the flower still oozes blood, some seventeen years after the tragedy. Which probably explains the seventeen bodies buried in his perfectly tended garden.

Or maybe it doesn’t. Hard to say.


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