A Sticking Point

Do you ever wonder whose job it is to put all those damned stickers on every single avocado in the store? I do, especially when I’m hand washing a bushel of avocados in order to make a metric ton of guacamole.

Never mind why I would be making so much guacamole. It’s not about that, it’s about the poor suckers applying the stickers. Do they have to do it by hand, one at a time, or do they have a sticker gun? And is there a quality assurance supervisor checking each avocado to make sure it’s been stickered?

Do the poor bastards applying the stickers get reprimanded if they miss one? And is it really necessary? I mean, is the whole avocado industry going to crumble if one of the damned things is actually left unstickered?

Seriously, what a hateful job. Kind of like de-stickering and scrubbing said avocados to make guacamole.

I hate guacamole.

Guacamole is gross.

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