Tea For Two

“It’s a myth, you know,” SHe said matter-of-factly. “There’s no such thing as predestination. All you can expect out of life is a series of random gestures strung together like popcorn; each with its own kernel of redundancy.”

As if to prove Hir point, SHe spread her wings and decimated a village in the Andes. “Each person’s time is up when the mood strikes me. Not a moment before or after.”

Lolly smiled and refilled Hir tea cup. “Another scone?”

“I’d better not,” SHe said. “I’ve got to watch my waifish figure.”

“Oh, I know what you mean,” Lolly replied. “But what the hell, you only live once, and I simply can’t resist a freshly baked scone with my tea.”

“You know, you’re right,” SHe said, twitching Hir left eyebrow and causing the engines to fail on a jetliner circling over a suburban neighborhood in Albuquerque. “You’ve got to live for today. I’ll have another, then I really must go.”

“Oh, of course,” Lolly agreed, holding out the plate while SHe selected a particularly plump biscuit. “I’ve got just a jillion things to do myself today. Shopping, laundry, bury the mailman…”

“You know, you really should take a vacation,” SHe mumbled around a mouthful of scone. “It does wonders for the chakras.”

Lolly sighed. “Some day.”

SHe smiled and somewhere in the Pacific a tectonic plate shifted, causing untold damage in several countries and completely submerging three densely populated Polynesian islands.

“Just don’t wait too long,” SHe said. “You know how life can get away from you if you don’t seize the moment.”

Lolly nodded. “So very true…”


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