Terribilis Gloria

Dog Eyes waxed philosophic, burrowing down into dusty gray matter like a mole. “Life is a long, slow train wreck, my friends, and we are willingly riding those rails toward oblivion.”

“So?” said Sister Fun, “It’s been an epic ride, filled with unexpected twists, turns and loco motions.” She punctuated her remark with the sharp point of her remaining tooth, savoring the flavor of stagnant humor and broken vowels.

“Besides,” interjected Hype, languid in his gelatinous repulsiveness. “How can you complain when it was you who killed the engineer?”

“t’wasn’t a complaint,” Dog Eyes warbled. “Just an observation. I’d kill ‘im again if ‘e came back for more.”

“Twice wasn’t enough?”

“Third time’s holy.”

Sister Fun snorted, sending ripples through the ether, quickly overtaken by waves of despair as laughter erupted from the rancid mouths of the trinity.


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