Bitter End

Nobody really remembers the Zombie Apocalypse, anymore – probably because it wasn’t much of an apocalypse. More an intense uprising that sort of petered off at the end. Very anticlimactic.

Rather than being harbingers of doom, the stinkers proved to be precursors to a gag reflex. It didn’t take long for people to discover they were relatively harmless. They just smelled really bad and left gross stains everywhere.

Nobody’s brain was in danger of ingestion, because dead people don’t eat. They just shamble around, bumping into things and moaning. They also made dogs sick, because eating putrid flesh will do that. And they did. A lot.

In the end, the zombies were all rounded up and burned by the Feds. That took care of that little problem. Then the aliens came and everybody forgot about the walking dead. Being hunted for food will do that.


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